Established in 1995 by Jean Francis, Diaspora was the first to introduce the outdoors glass covering systems in the region, whether for home balconies or restaurant terraces.

Diaspora started by launching the Cover system, a discreet yet elegant design of glass curtains, originally devised in Finland, the country from which all the components are imported.

The success was immediate, and, although many companies copied and introduced new systems, Cover remained the leader in the field. But the company didn't stop there, deciding to hit the market for good! In 2000, Diaspora started the production of the Prisma system, a moveable glass wall that immediately became very popular within the Lebanese market and is now used in many notorious restaurants and cafes.

Providing people with the best quality, Diaspora keeps up-to-date with the latest technologies in the field and is provided with technical support from its Finish Mother Company, thus offering the highest professional service and expertise. The company's reputation and professionalism has allowed it to expand to other countries in the region, like Egypt and Jordan since 2005 With the Cover and the Prisma systems, Diaspora has become a brand of reference, shielding our outdoors with utmost quality and elegance.

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The Cover system

- Provides an aesthetic and practical way of extending the usage of the balcony
- Offers a transparent and frameless view, as there are no vertical frames but only transparent PVC
- Provide a complete protection against rain and wind, and also reduces noise considerably.
- Is suitable for all shapes and sizes of balconies as the panels move and slide easily, regardless of the angle.
- The panels open inward, making them easy to clean. Once open, the panels are stored perpendicularly to the side, thus using very little space.

- The glass is made of 8mm, 10mm or 12mm thick, tempered with polished margins
- The glass panels are secured to the aluminum profile by a dual glazing/mechanical fixing, using both stainless steel rivets and construction glue.
- Each panel slides through four horizontal revolving wheels; the mechanism is hidden inside the profile, leaving no visible parts.
- All accessories and spare parts are non corrodible and made only from stainless steel and POM plastic.

Latest upgrades

- New wheels with ball bearing enable the cover system to support 12 mm glass, and thus the panels can fit up to 3 meters height.
- Special mechanism with reinforced wheel guide can hold up to 1100 mm panel width.

Mechanical properties

The guide profiles are made in compliance with DIN 1748 as special profiles
Tensile strength of the frame from the guide profile: 860 kg
Guide profile deflection 80 kg / 3.8 m:
Perpendicular: 3.5 cm
Horizontal: 7.5 cm
No permanent changes in shape

Each glass element is supported by four 8 mm hinge axles, featuring a total of 10 horizontal wheels
Durability of POM wheel in random profile loading: undamaged over 600 kg

Gearing heat resistance (POM): approx +90 Degree C
Frost resistance: over -30 Degree C

All metal parts are non-corrodible: only aluminum and stainless steel
Installation on concrete and brick surface is by 8 mm stainless steel bolts and brass anchor

Sound insulation

For 100 Hz Reduction 6.7 dB
For 2400 Hz Reduction 13.5 dB

Measured according to international standards ISO 140-5 & ISO 717-1

Wind pressure

The Cover system can support the wind speed according to the panel height and glass thickness

Wind speed

Beaufort scale

Equivalent pressure

Maximum height
for 8mm glass

Maximum height
for 10mm glass

Maximum height
for 12mm glass

121 km/h


700 Pa

1.85 m

2.35 m

2.8 m

112 km/h

Violent storm

600 Pa

2 m

2.5 m

3 m

102 km/h


500 Pa

2.2 m

2.7 m

3 m

79 km/h

Severe gale

300 Pa

2.5 m

3 m

3 m

System features

The cover system is mainly supported by the upper track (75%), the bottom track is used as guide and water collector

The glass is toughened (horizontally tempered), perforated with polished margins, the gap between glass panels is about 5mm, the gap is sealed by hard-soft PVC joints, the seal is 100% waterproof and 95% air tight

The standard size for cover panels is 500 to 750 mm, ideal size is around 600 mm
The optium panel width (with special accessories) is 1100 mm

Stacking options

Move the mouse pointer over the different part of the panel.

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The Prisma system

- Is a moveable glass wall totally suspended with no bottom rail.
- Is ideal for terraces and shop fronts, and can also be used for internal partitions and bank lobbies.
- The sliding glass panels move effortlessly and noiselessly and can be stacked almost anywhere.
- The first glass panel that can be equipped with floor spring, lock and handle, and can be used as a swinging door.

- The Prisma consists of individual panels of glass, which run in a robust track securely fixed to the ceiling.
- There is no need for floor guide; the floor surface is uniform, except for the holes for locks.
- There are no visible mechanical parts such as locks or trolley wheels; they are all hidden inside a beautifully designed aluminum profile.
- The aluminum track can be recessed in the false ceiling
- Each 2 panels are interlocked to each other and to the floor.

Mechanical properties

The glass panels are secured to the upper profiles with the utmost security system: Reinforced plastic bolts penetrating through the glass prevent the panels from dropping which could restrict panel movement.

The connection of the track to the ceiling will be through the use of adjustable bolts. The adjustment could be done at anytime in case of building deflection.

The combination of nylon-tired wheels and aluminum track gives smooth and noiseless operation.

Each of the 4 wheels carriers can carry up to 250 kg which gives a total of 500kg for each panel.

A PVC brush fits into the panel profile to seal the gap to the upper track and to the floor

System features

The glass is toughened (horizontally tempered) the thickness is 12mm and 15mm.

The maximum height of glass panel is 4200mm
The standard width size of panels is 800mm to 1000 mm.

The maximum panel weight is 250 kg.

The maximum number of panels in perpendicular stacking is 10.

The maximum number of panels in parallel stacking is unlimited.



Stacking options

Move the mouse pointer over the different part of the panel.

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